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At Active Motion Therapy we utilize Active Release Techniques and other Therapeutic Massage techniques to help you attain your wellness goals. Our specialties are blended for your individual needs, and you will always have a personally tailored treatment each and every time so you will attain the results you are looking for.  We are committed to continually expanding our knowledge so that we may heighten the level of improvement you achieve during your Active Motion Therapy treatment.  

Regain Performance


By restoring proper muscle movement, proper muscle function is also restored. This allows the body to perform as efficiently as possible. As an athlete, you want your body to be performing at the most efficient level possible. Effective treatment of any soft tissue injury when executed properly will:


  • Substantially decrease healing time.

  • Treat the root cause of the injury.

  • Improve athletic performance.

Shawn has a kind, gentle approach and knows his stuff!  I had severe pain in my upper shoulder and neck area.  Within a few minutes Shawn did some ART techniques on me and I had instant relief!  Thank you,


Kristen N.

Morriseville, VT

Pain Resolution


Sports injuries or repetitive use injuries (i.e. computer work) can be weeks, months or even years in the making. If you have pain or stiffness in your muscles related to sports or training, don't ignore the warning signs. At Active Motion Therapy we use Active Release Techniques to quickly and effectively improve the function of joints and soft tissues, reduce inflammation, and speed up healing.  This treatment along with massage therapy can also help reduce the risk of re-injury, improve performance, and return an athlete to training more quickly than passive therapies such as bracing and rest.

Shawn provided excellent services to me in the past and I would highly recommend him. His expertise is thorough and the results were immediate and lasting. The technique Shawn employed was just what was needed to solve the problem at hand.


Kirk P.

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Living in mountain towns for over 25 years now I have seen the importance of Ski Patrol at mountain resorts and  I have had the pleasure of befriending quite a few as well.  They are up early with 50 lb. packs on their backs enduring snow and often times rain storms if you are in the Sierra Nevadas  doing snow safety on the mountain so that we as guests are safe to go out and play there. Their work is physically demanding and can often be mentally demanding as well. As a way of giving back to the community, if you are a ski patrol please enjoy a special rate for Active Release Techniques appointments and massages.  Please let me know you are on the patrol team and which resort you are at. 
Thank you for the hard work you do!  
12242 Business Park Dr. Suite 3 Truckee, CA 96161     530-545-2461
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