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Here's a few examples of what people are saying about Shawn and Active Motion Therapy.

Hi Shawn it's Melinda, I just wanted to say thank you!! I had my first pain free run this past weekend and it was awesome. I would like to schedule an appointment next week if you have any openings just to keep and make sure my runs stay pain free :)

- Melinda Hillegass, Mom, Runner

  Truckee, CA

Shawn is truly an expert in his field. Because of his expertise, I am able to compete and give 100% effort to every workout I do. Thank you Shawn! If you need help managing your tissues do not hesitate to make an appt.

- Kelly Edelmann, Crossfit Coach, Crossfit Games Competitor

  Truckee, CA

Shawn is by far the best A.R.T. therapist I've had the pleasure of working with.
I highly recommend a visit
Whether a chronic or acute injury. You won't be disappointed.

- Karen Stubbs, Amazing Bodyworker with techniques that are an        integration of deep tissue, nueromuscular reprogramming, craniosacral and  visceral manipulation.

  Truckee, CA

I am so amazed by work I've had done by Shawn.  He has been able to greatly  improve two things I've  had problems with for a very long time. One is a nerve damaged finger, that if I grabbed something just so, it would give me excruciating pain for about 15 seconds.  Second was lower back nerve pain. These two things would cause pain on a daily  basis.  It has been about a year since the few sessions I've  had with Shawn and these issues rarely  if ever come up.  I am so thankful  I  did not have to turn to the suggested  surgery  by my doctor that probably would have left more damage  and different  problems to deal with.  Because of his work and knowledge  of the human body, Shawn will be the first treatment I will seek if other physical  issues may arrive in in the future.  


- Melissa Ruyle, Incredible massage therapist

  Sacramento, CA

A few months ago my hubby kept complaining about a severe pain in his back that wouldn't go away. I discretely mentioned something about physical therapy in general but he was completely skeptical. He went to ER a couple times but the pain wouldn't stop, until he finally listened to me and got an appointment with Shawn. 
He loved it!!!!!!! Everything, since the personal attention, to the work they did together. He's very happy to find Shawn and can't believe how much he's helped with his daily stress pains. Totally reliable, recommendable, helpful, trustworthy. We love him!! Thank you Shawn for helping my husband.

- Hebe Isolda

  Reno, NV

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